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"First World Problems" (2023)

"First World Problems" (2023)

Acrylic on Birch (framed in raw oak floater)

60 x 80 cm 

"First World Problems: Satirical Reflections on Privilege and Materialism"


In this piece I delve into the realm of satire to examine the excesses of modern life, the superficiality of materialism, and the skewed priorities that can arise from privilege. Depicting a contemporary box-shaped home and a sinking Porsche 911 in a pool, this artwork challenges the viewer to question our societal values and the trivial concerns that can consume us.


The painting serves as a visual commentary on the absurdity and disconnect that can arise in privileged societies. By juxtaposing the luxurious symbols of a modern home and an iconic sports car with their unconventional and seemingly catastrophic fate, I aim to highlight the dissonance between our trivial problems and the real challenges faced by others in the world.


Through satire, I invite viewers to reflect on their own perspectives and acknowledge the inherent privilege that allows such concerns to occupy our attention. The sinking Porsche, symbolising material wealth, is a metaphorical representation of the superficiality and fleeting nature of possessions. The modern home, with its box-like shape, serves as a metaphor for the confinement and isolation that can result from an overemphasis on material comfort.


"First World Problems" challenges us to examine our priorities and question the significance we attach to material possessions. It prompts us to consider the value we place on superficial status symbols and invites us to reflect on the broader implications of our actions and choices in a global context.


Through this artwork, I aim to provoke thought, spark conversations, and encourage a reevaluation of our collective values. It serves as a satirical reminder that true fulfilment and happiness cannot be found solely in material possessions, but rather in meaningful connections, empathy, and a broader understanding of our place in the world.


Ultimately, "First World Problems" urges us to look beyond our own immediate concerns and consider the impact of our actions on a larger scale. By shedding light on the absurdity of trivial worries, I hope to inspire viewers to cultivate a greater sense of perspective, empathy, and social consciousness in order to address the deeper challenges and inequalities that exist in our global community.

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