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"No. 3 Struggle Street" (2023)

"No. 3 Struggle Street" (2023)

Acrylic on Birch (framed in raw oak float frame)

60 x 80 cm 


This piece explores the stark contrast between appearances and realities within the context of suburban life. The modern mid-century home stands as a symbol of material wealth and societal status. Yet, as you delve deeper into the piece, you discover an empty and dull interior, representing the disillusionment that can often accompany material prosperity.


The pool reflecting the home, serves as a metaphorical space where the stark contrast between the façade and the truth becomes apparent. The vibrant and colourful reflection in the pool represents the aspirations, desires, and dreams that often lie beneath the surface, unseen by those who only observe from a distance.


The fluorescent colours, are intentionally used to highlight the social disparity that exists within the suburban landscape. The vivid hues serve as a visual representation of the contrasting social classes—the builders who constructed the home and the residents who now inhabit it. This juxtaposition is a prompt to contemplate the social dynamics and inequalities that can permeate our seemingly idyllic neighbourhoods.


By presenting the home as empty and dull, I challenge the notion that material wealth equates to fulfilment and happiness. The subdued interior serves as a metaphor for the hollowness that can come with a singular focus on external appearances and the pursuit of social status.


Through this artwork, I aim to shed light on the complexities of suburban life and the hidden struggles that often exist behind closed doors. It invites viewers to question the assumptions we make based on superficial observations and to consider the multidimensional nature of personal fulfilment and social class. By illuminating the hidden narratives and social disparities that lie beneath the surface, this artwork prompts viewers to engage in a deeper examination of our collective values and the pursuit of true fulfilment in an increasingly materialistic society. 


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