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“Dancing On My Own”

“Dancing On My Own”

"I aim to capture the complexity of human emotions and the profound narratives that unfold within everyday scenes.”  - Rebecca Trajkovski


The composition centres around the individual's solitary presence amidst the bustling atmosphere of the bar. Through the juxtaposition of a despondent gaze and the vibrant cocktail, I aim to convey a sense of contrast and introspection. The young man's sad look reflects a deeply personal and introspective state of mind, hinting at a story untold and emotions kept hidden.


The fluorescent cocktail acts as a visual metaphor, symbolising the allure of escapism and temporary distraction within contemporary society. Its luminosity draws attention, symbolising the allure and temptation to seek solace in external pleasures. However, its juxtaposition with the melancholic gaze of the young man suggests a disconnection, emphasising the fleeting nature of these distractions and their inability to provide genuine fulfilment.


By inviting the viewer into this intimate moment, I encourage empathy and reflection on the complexities of human experiences. The viewer becomes a participant, sensing the young man's yearning for connection and perhaps recognising aspects of their own emotional journey. This painting serves as a contemplative space, where one can explore themes of isolation, introspection, and the universal longing for authentic human connection.


The carefully chosen colour palette plays a vital role in setting the mood and enhancing the emotional resonance of the scene. The juxtaposition of vibrant fluorescents against darker tones creates a visual tension, underscoring the contrast between external appearances and inner emotions. The luminosity of the cocktail symbolises the artificial brightness that often masks deeper emotions, adding an additional layer of complexity to the narrative.


In 'Dancing on My Own,' I want to invite viewers to delve into the introspective realm of human experience, to empathise with the emotions conveyed, and to contemplate the significance of personal connection and self-reflection in a world that can sometimes be overwhelming.

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