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"No.2 Struggle Street" (2023)

"No.2 Struggle Street" (2023)

Acrylic on Birch (framed in Raw Oak Floater)                                                                        

110 x 90 cm


In a world consumed by material aspirations and societal pressures, my artistic exploration delves into the empty feeling that accompanies the relentless pursuit of "keeping up”. Through my work, I aim to shed light on the hollowness that lurks beneath the glossy surface of our contemporary existence.


In this age of hyperconnectivity, we find ourselves constantly bombarded by images of curated perfection, showcasing the seemingly ideal lives of others. Fuelled by comparison and an insatiable desire for validation, we embark on a never-ending quest to emulate their achievements, possessions, and social status. We sacrifice our authenticity and inner contentment in an attempt to align ourselves with this illusory standard.


Through various artistic mediums, I strive to expose the inherent emptiness of this pursuit. Through stark visual representations, I depict the facades we construct to project an image of success, masking our true selves in the process. I invite viewers to question the authenticity of their desires and reflect on the toll this relentless race takes on their individuality and emotional well-being.


The use of muted colors and negative space reflects the void that can permeate our lives when we prioritize the pursuit of superficial achievements over genuine personal growth. In an age where worth is often measured in possessions and external validation, my artistic practice becomes a sanctuary for introspection and self-discovery. Through my pieces, I encourage viewers to embrace their unique journey, resist the temptation to conform, and find solace in the liberation that comes with prioritizing their own values and aspirations.


Ultimately, through my artistic exploration of this empty feeling, I aim to challenge the prevailing narratives that define success and happiness. It is my hope that my work serves as a catalyst for critical reflection and inspires individuals to cultivate an authentic and fulfilling existence, unencumbered by the constraints of societal expectations.

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