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"The Modern Family Series, Family of 4" 2023

"The Modern Family Series, Family of 4" 2023

The  "Modern Family Series," explores the dynamics of contemporary family units through the harmonious interplay of geometric shapes and figurative elements. Each painting within this series weaves together a visual tapestry that celebrates the diverse and intricate relationships that define the modern family.


Drawing inspiration from the vibrant mosaic of our interconnected lives,  geometric shapes are used to construct these figurative family portraits. By employing precise angles, lines, and forms, I convey the structural aspects that shape our family units, while simultaneously capturing the essence of the individuals who comprise them.


My aim is to transcend the traditional confines of portraiture. The geometric elements act as a visual language, symbolizing the diverse perspectives, roles, and personalities that exist within a family. Each shape represents a unique individual, and together, they form a collective narrative of love, support, and shared experiences.


"The Modern Family Series" invites you to reflect on the evolving nature of family and the intricate connections that bind us together. In a world where familial structures embrace a range of forms, from blended families to same-sex parents and beyond, these paintings celebrate the richness and diversity that define the contemporary family landscape. The interplay of shapes and forms prompts us to consider the multifaceted aspects of family dynamics—how relationships intertwine, support, and challenge one another.


Through vibrant colors and meticulous composition, I strive to evoke a sense of unity and cohesion within these geometric and figurative portraits. The collective harmony of the shapes symbolizes the strength of the family bond, while the individuality within each shape acknowledges the unique qualities and contributions of each family member.


"The Modern Family Series" serves as an ode to the beauty of human connection, diversity, and the evolving nature of family. It embraces the complexities and challenges inherent in familial relationships, inviting viewers to contemplate their own experiences, values, and aspirations within the context of the modern family unit.


Ultimately, this series celebrates the mosaic of love, resilience, and shared moments that weave together the fabric of the modern family. It encourages us to honor the diverse forms of family and to recognise the importance of connection, support, and acceptance as we navigate the ever-changing tapestry of our lives.

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