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"Smoke and Mirrors” (Fine Art Print)

"Smoke and Mirrors” (Fine Art Print)

Fine Art Giclee print

Limited edition of 20




600x400mm Single Sided ( plus a 30mm boarder on each edge)




Canon Giclee Printer, Museum grade acid free archival 310 gsm etching textured cotton paper, using expanded gamut archival vivid pigment inks


About the work:


The central theme of this artwork revolves around the interplay of visibility and concealment, creating an intriguing dynamic between the two figures. The young suited man, his features hidden within the ethereal smoke, represents the illusions we project to the world, shielding our true selves from scrutiny. The female figure, whose identity is concealed, acts as a reflection of the observer, allowing viewers to project their own experiences and perceptions onto her silhouette.


The use of vibrant hues, including purple, blue, and orange within the smoke, adds an element of mystique and emotional depth to the composition. These colours evoke a sense of ambiguity, representing the complexity of human existence and the shades of truth that lie within our perceptions.


By depicting the female figure framing the man's body, I aim to convey the influence that others have on our self-perception and the masks we adopt. The framing of her silhouette symbolises the social constructs and external expectations that shape our identities. It encourages viewers to contemplate the role of others in defining our sense of self and the interplay between personal authenticity and societal pressures.

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