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“Woman” (Fine Art Print)

“Woman” (Fine Art Print)

Fine Art Giclee print

Limited edition of 20




600x400mm Single Sided ( plus a 30mm boarder on each edge)




Canon Giclee Printer, Museum grade acid free archival 310 gsm etching textured cotton paper, using expanded gamut archival vivid pigment inks



About the work:


“Woman” delves into the multifaceted nature of identity, self-perception, and the societal masks we wear. This piece  features a female figure engaged in a contemplative pose. Her gaze is divided, with one side looking outward, exploring the vast possibilities before her, while the other side maintains a still gaze, directly confronting the viewer. Positioned on her shoulder rests a box, within which resides a mask of a man.


This composition symbolises the complexities of selfhood and the various roles we embody in society. The female figure represents the individual, standing at the threshold of self-discovery, searching for meaning and connection. The divided gaze speaks to the duality within each person—the internal and external worlds we navigate. One side looks outward, eagerly embracing the possibilities and potential for growth, while the other side remains fixed, confronting the viewer with an unwavering gaze that challenges preconceptions and societal expectations.


The mask of a man resting on the shoulder signifies the influence of external forces and the societal expectations placed upon individuals. It represents the facades we adopt, the masks we wear to fit into predefined roles or conform to societal norms. The mask's containment within a box suggests a conscious recognition of these expectations and an opportunity to transcend them.


Through this artwork, I aim to provoke introspection and dialogue surrounding the complexities of identity. The contrasting gazes and the presence of the masked man invite viewers to reflect on their own journey of self-discovery, the masks they wear, and the potential for breaking free from societal constraints.


The colour palette and composition play significant roles in conveying the emotional depth of the artwork. Subtle variations in light and shadow emphasise the figure's introspective state and the contrasting emotions within her. The use of colour further enhances the narrative, with softer tones representing vulnerability and introspection, while bolder shades symbolise strength and resilience.


"Woman" challenges viewers to question the masks they wear, the expectations they internalise, and the potential for personal growth and self-acceptance. It encourages an exploration of authenticity, inviting individuals to navigate the complexities of identity and embrace their true selves beyond societal constraints. Through this artwork, I hope to inspire viewers to embrace their own journeys of self-discovery, empowering them to transcend duality and forge a path towards personal fulfilment and genuine connection.

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